Prince George, VA – John Rittersbacher advised VSP as a Fastener Consultant to aid in launching the updated VSP Torq-Kit™

Prince George VA – VSP developed low-stress-to-seal FR-PITA™ gasket specifically for FRP flanges

Prince George, VA – VSP and Klinger concluded a global collaboration agreement to make PITA® technology available on a worldwide scale. In addition, Klinger will distribute and support global needs in the tank container market under the RideTight® program


Baton Rouge, LA – Opened facility to support industrial businesses in and around Baton Rouge, LA

Lake Charles, LA – Purchased facility to support industrial businesses in and around Lake Charles, LA

Prince George, VA – Developed LoadLock™, which combines the strength and blow-out resistance of metallic gaskets with the compressibility and tightness of expanded PTFE gaskets without the use of adhesives


Prince George, VA – Developed and patented CargoTight™ ISO tank manway gasket

Parkersburg, WV – Purchased facility to support industrial businesses in the Ohio Valley

Houston, TX – Purchased larger manufacturing facility in support of continued industrial and transportation growth in Texas and throughout the Gulf Coast

Prince George, VA – Developed ECOMAP™ Environmental Compliance Maintenance Program


Prince George, VA – Developed Checkmate™ jointing technology


Prince George, VA – Named Anheuser Busch Supplier of the Year in support of national contract


Prince George, VA – Developed Torq-Kit™ flange assembly kits


Prince George, VA – Named Dominion Generation Gasket & Sealing Supplier of the Year each year beginning in 2009


Prince George, VA – Patented PITA® fully-encapsulated corrugated metal insert gasket

Prince George, VA – Moved into current 108,000sq-ft facility

Prince George, VA – Name formally changed to VSP Technologies


Kingsport, TN – Received Eastman Chemical Innovative Supplier Award


Houston, TX – Opened facility to support transportation growth and industrial business in Eastern Texas & Louisiana

Prince George, VA – Named RESCAR Preferred Supplier each year beginning in 2005


Prince George, VA – Patented CycleTight® manway gasket

Prince George, VA – Developed RideTight® Six Sigma Process Control Plan for flanged connections on rail & ISO tank cars

Prince George, VA – Patented OPRA™ One Piece Reduced Area gasket


Prince George, VA – Developed full CAD-controlled cutting system

Prince George, VA – VSP shifted focus to reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for fluid-sealing products, and initiates  Cost Savings & Productivity Gains documentation with/for our customers


Kingsport, TN – Received Eastman Chemical Supplier Excellence Award

Prince George, VA – Patented Anti-Buckling Spiral Wound Gasket and introduced the AB-326™ gasket

Kingsport, TN – Opened on-site facility in support of Eastman Chemical Contract


Prince George, VA – Jerry Waterland hired and further refined efforts towards advanced manufacturing, Engineered Solutions, and product development


Prince George, VA – Sales process refocused on engineered solutions


Prince George, VA – Signum Manufacturing Division formed to design, manufacture and supply the world’s first controlled density spiral wound gaskets


Prince George, VA – Garlock Top 10 Distributor for 30-years beginning in 1984


Prince George, VA – Moved to larger facility to allow for continued growth of the business


Hopewell, VA – Paul Malgee with his father George Malgee formed Virginia Sealing Products. David Malgee joined the business in October 1979. Business focused on gaskets, mechanical packing, and expansion joints.