VSP Technologies RideTight® program is a comprehensive fluid-sealing management program for all modes of bulk transportation: tank cars, tank containers, and tank trucks. This program was developed to tackle the unique challenges associated with this industry and provide lasting solutions that reduce costs through optimized performance.

Since its inception in 2004, the RideTight program has already saved clients over $175 Million in documented cost savings. These cost savings have been achieved through

VSP’s Engineered Approach

Documentation and quality assurance packaging

  • Recommended torque values
  • Assembly instructions
  • Gasket validation label
  • Installation sign-off & date

VSP’s intensive, ISO-9001 certified quality assurance program

  • VSP cross-checks to ensure materials and dimensions meet client standards
  • VSP Quality Program


  • On-Site
  • Operator function specific training and qualification

One-Stop Shop

The RideTight Program now includes Service Equipment Rebuild Kits.


To learn more about our RideTight Program you can download our brochure below.

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