fr-pita gasket hero

A combination of PITA™ and OPRA™ technologies designed specifically for FRP piping and equipment flanges

The FR-PITA®'s hybrid design provides chemically compatible, secure seals in applications with brittle, under-bolted flanges involving FRP or plastic piping. It utilizes the reduced area of the OPRA™ design and concentrated bolt load on the corrugated insert, creating optimum sealing with minimum seating stress. The ePTFE facing of the FR-PITA® provides broadest chemical compatibility and easily conforms to warped or uneven flanges yielding a tighter seal.

fr-pita gasket for weak flanges


  • Low stress
  • High tightness
  • Chemical resistance
  • Suitable for uneven / warped flanges

Target Applications / Industries

  • FRP flanges
  • Plastic flanges