“Environmental Compliance Maintenance Program”

VSP is positioned to assist its customers with  environmental needs as they relate to fluid sealing issues. Ecomap was designed to incorporate specific, environmentally sound practices as a part of our customers’ sustainable performances. It is especially useful for customers who are aiming for air quality-related consent order compliance, addressing restricted emissions allowances, or otherwise desiring to achieve Best Available Control Technology (BACT) standards.
Specific Ecomap features include:
  • Assistance with establishing sustainable fluid sealing process management protocols.
  • Training on gasket selection, low-E valve packing, flange assembly, and more for site personnel.
  • Extensive database of chemical compatibility, min/max sealing stress, ROTT data, gasket performance capabilities/limitations, and thermal performance for an array of gaskets materials, brands, and styles.
  • In-house testing capabilities concerning creep/relaxation analysis, seal-ability tests, load/deflection testing, and temperature limit confirmation.
  • Support from VSP’s senior environmental engineer in providing technical support such as document review, gasket emission comparisons, toxic release inventory calculations, and assistance with regulatory agency and other meetings.
  • VSP’s Gasket Leakage Calculator (GLC™) developed to provide relative emission rates for gasket materials being considered in a particular application based on numerous factors specific to the relevant plant or operating/processing area. The GLC is being used to identify lowest emission gaskets — a helpful tool for meeting BACT requirements.