RideTight® Hydro2Hydro®

VSP’s unique RideTight® Hydro2Hydro® is designed to provide long-term performance and reliability for chemical transport equipment.

As part of the RideTight program it is proven to provide safe, reliable, leak-free performance of Tank Container shipments through the 5-year tank qualification period with no gasket change out, offering tremendous reductions in Total Cost of Ownership.

  Hydro2Hydro® service life reliability is achieved through

  • Best material and gasket choice considering chemical compatibility, min/max stress requirements of the gasket and bolted flange joint and tightness
  • High tightness sealing providing leak-free long-term reliability
  • Retorque eliminated through VSP’s torque-holding materials maintaining fastener preload
  • Optimized installation instructions and torque values with traceability documentation