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VSP Technologies TORQ-KIT

Posted in Innovations on April 26, 2011
TORQ-KIT™ Developed to Meet Industry Needs VSP Technologies'  TORQ-KIT™ simplifies the planning process, reduces the number of inventory items and eliminates potential errors in your flange assembly practices.

Each TORQ-KIT™ pipe code compliance kit is a complete assembly containing the correct  nuts, bolts or studs, washers, gasket and a Tyvek® inspection tag.  All TORQ-KIT™ components are packaged to meet your plant or piping code specifications.  Assembly torque values specific to the fasteners/gaskets and flange type (assembly- torque sheets) are included within every TORQ-KIT™.  The box and packaging are designed to prevent damage to the components.

One more way VSP Technologies is maximizing bolted joint performance and reliability for our customers.

About VSP Technologies

VSP Technologies is the largest dedicated fluid-sealing products distributor in the United States, with an approach focused on managing every part of the gasket-use process to make improvements that save customers time and money. The company’s innovative programs have enabled more than $135 million in cost savings to date for its corporate customers and made VSP Technologies one of the most trusted and respected names in the fluid-sealing industry. The company offers products from more than 20 premium manufacturers, as well as several of its own patented products and designs. More information about VSP Technologies is available at www.vsptechnologies.com.