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VSP CargoTight™ ISO Tank Manway Gasket

Posted in Innovations on June 21, 2017
ISO Tank manway designs create unique sealing challenges. CargoTight™ combines proven CycleTight® technology, extensive engineering and testing, along with the best materials, to produce the premiere ISO tank manway gasket.2017 CargoTight™ Cross Section
  • Chemical Inertness: Complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 using Non-Contaminating Virgin PTFE
  • Engineered Self Centering: V-Notch™ centers CargoTight™ on the manway nozzle
  • Torque Retention Design: Engineered V-Notch™ and dynamic stainless steel spring core work together minimizing the effects of gasket relaxation
  • Double Sided V-Notch™: Reversible, flip the CargoTight™ over and keep using it
  • Universal: One size/style fits all common tank container manways
  • Easy Identification: CargoTight™ tag remains firmly attached to the gasket while in use. Visible with closed lid.
  • Quality Assurance: CargoTight™ tag serial number provides traceability.
  • Dual Purpose Tag: CargoTight™ tag can be used to track the number of trips and has a lifting “Tab” for easier gasket replacement.
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