pita dna gasket hero

Designed to fit multiple bolt configurations enabling use on many different valve and flange styles, both DIN and ASME

Combines the advantages of VSP's proprietary PITA® and OPRA™ technologies into a design engineered specifically for tank containers. This design offers minimal torque loss after thermal and pressure cycling and superior sealing against corroded and pitted flange surfaces with each size being able to fit multiple styles of valves and flanges.

pita dna gasket for weak flanges


  • Encapsulated stainless steel insert "energizes" gasket performance providing superior sealing, thermal cycling and pressure resistance
  • 100% expanded PTFE for the widest range of chemical compatibility
  • DNA design allows for one gasket for DIN or ASME flanges reducing inventory
  • Provides leak free service between 5 year hydrostatic testing with no gasket change out

Target Applications / Industries

  • Tank container bottom outlet valve flanges
  • Top discharge valve flanges
  • Provisional flanges
  • Airline valve flanges