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North American Best Practice Nomination

Posted in Awards, News, Partnership on March 18, 2004
A team of employees from ExxonMobil and VSP Technologies developed repair standards for nearly 20,000 railcars that ExxonMobil owns or operates throughout North America. The team put together a comprehensive manual that outlines consistent scheduling of preventative maintenance, improved sealing techniques, new torque requirements and specific standards for valves, flanges and pressure tests. Team members Jerry Banks, Hugh Corpening, Jim Frew, Scott Murray, Wayne Richard, Doug Skiles and Jason Spratley also promoted the use of new universal gaskets and o-rings that are suitable for virtually all parts. This best practice will allow more efficient repairs for all railcars not only at shops, but by mini-tracks and mobile units as well.

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VSP Technologies is the largest dedicated fluid-sealing products distributor in the United States, with an approach focused on managing every part of the gasket-use process to make improvements that save customers time and money. The company’s innovative programs have enabled more than $135 million in cost savings to date for its corporate customers and made VSP Technologies one of the most trusted and respected names in the fluid-sealing industry. The company offers products from more than 20 premium manufacturers, as well as several of its own patented products and designs. More information about VSP Technologies is available at www.vsptechnologies.com.